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    Will you support the completion of our school’s classroom block to support the vocational training and re-skilling for vulnerable women? Our Vocational Education & Training...
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    For just $50 per month you can help a young woman enroll in a one year vocational training course to learn a skill in Hairdressing...
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    Twenty three young women will graduate in April after successfully completing a one year course in Hair Dressing or Tailoring. One of their greatest needs...
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    The support we’ve received to make the Fannie Rountree Holloway Learning Centre a reality, we’re happy to see the children have this space at the...
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We are a ministry committed to showing God’s love in practical ways to orphans and disadvantaged children by restoring hope and enabling each child to reach their fullest potential in life and become productive members of society.

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We believe that children grow up best in families. Our children range from ages 6-21 and are in educational programs from kindergarten to the university level. We strive to help each child reach their potential in life. Our goal is for...
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More than seven million Ugandans live below the poverty line, of those, more than three million are the poorest of the poor in the world. A recent article in New Vision by Thomas Froese asks the question, “Will life ever change for Uganda’s poor?” Windows of Hope has many children that are in need, who are on the waiting list for a sponsor. Even if you are not able to commit to sponsoring, you can help with a donation for school supplies, clothing, food, etc. Every contribution helps!

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