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Sponsor a Child’s Lunch

Children learn better when they are not hungry and are well nourished. On empty stomachs the become easily distracted ad have problems...
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Kalaya Sponsorship

For just $50 per month you can help a young woman enroll in a one year vocational training course to learn a...
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Books for Fannie Holloway Learning Centre

The support we’ve received to make the Fannie Rountree Holloway Learning Centre a reality, we’re happy to see the children have this...
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Finished Kalaya’s Dining Hall

We are grateful for the contributions that have allowed us to construct a dining hall/kitchen for the Kalaya Training Center. We teach...
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Library Books Needed

A school library plays a vital role in the life of a student. The goal of Aunt Elvi Mikoola Primary School’s library,...
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Support Our Love Houses

We believe that children grow up best in families. Our children range from ages 6-21 and are in educational programs from kindergarten to...
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