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Kalaya Sponsorship

0% Donated/$50 To Go

For just $50 per month you can help a young woman enroll in a one year vocational training course to learn a skill in Hairdressing or Tailoring that will help them break the cycle of poverty. Through our sponsorship program they now have a way to learn a skill and provide for their daily needs and their future.


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Kalaya Vocational School Kits

0% Donated/$2,000 To Go

Twenty three young women will graduate in April after successfully completing a one year course in Hair Dressing or Tailoring. One of their greatest needs is to have a start- up kit to help start their own business. A gift of $100 can purchase a sewing machine or hair dryer, trolley and beauty supplies.


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Aunt Elvi Girls Dorm – Near Completion!

100% Donated/$ To Go

The new dormitory for girls was dedicated in memory of our beloved founder Wesley Forde. Wesley always wanted the children at the school to have a safe and conducive environment for learning. The closure of schools has been very difficult especially for girls. There has been an increase in adolescent pregnancies, early marriages and gender based violence. The community was very excited that the girls at Aunt Elvi will soon have secure accommodation. We are finalizing the finishing touches in the washroom and the girls should be able to move in before Easter.

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Books for Fannie Holloway Learning Centre

100% Donated/$0 To Go

The support we’ve received to make the Fannie Rountree Holloway Learning Centre a reality, we’re happy to see the children have this space at the school. We have a continued need for books for the Learning Centre. Will you support this work?

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Kalaya Staff House

0% Donated/$10,000 To Go

At Kalaya Training Centre, with its one-year program, provides mentoring support, women learn life skills development, and vocational training.The young women learn a skill that will help them to fully support themselves. The school currently offers courses in sewing/tailoring, hospitality, child and hair care. Teachers and staff need an affordable place to stay. Our goal is to provide suitable housing for visiting teachers and staff.




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Send Lunch To School

43% Donated/$4,250 To Go

More than seven million Ugandans live below the poverty line, of those, more than three million are the poorest of the poor in the world. A recent article in New Vision by Thomas Froese asks the question, “Will life ever change for Uganda’s poor?”

Povery creates extreme despair, meager salaries, squalid housing, hunger and disease that cripples the lives of its citizens. For over 10 years, Windows of Hope has worked tirelessy to help eradicate the poor conditions that plague many of Uganda’s poor. Will you join us in our effort by supporting our campaign to provide lunch, for an entire year, for 250 students at the Aunt Elvi Mikkola Primary School in Rukungiri, Western Uganda?

For just $30, you can feed a student for an entire year!* Our goal is to ensure that all 250 students at Aunt Elvi are guaranteed a lunch, that’s a goal total of $7,500. Please help Windows of Hope continue the fight of removing the conditions debilitating Ugandans by sending your contribution to our Lunch Drive campaign today!

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Support Our Love Houses

0% Donated/$1,000 To Go

We believe that children grow up best in families. Our children range from ages 6-21 and are in educational programs from kindergarten to the university level. We strive to help each child reach their potential in life. Our goal is for each child to have the experience of living in a loving and caring family and to equip them with Christian morals, values and skills that will enable them to be productive members of society and to be positive influences in Ugandan society. Daily operation of our home is very high but we value the life of each child and try to provide them with the best.

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Love House For Young Men

0% Donated/$1,000 To Go

The home was designed for young men in our family, who have just completed their secondary school education or institutions of higher learning to help them make the transition to independent living. They continue to experience the love of God, the blessing of family and acquire practical skills (shopping, food preparation, budgeting, bill paying, etc.) for daily living. Eight to ten young men live in the home for three to four years. You can help by making a donation to operate the homes.