Feeding the poor during the COVID-19 shutdown

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Times in Uganda are tough not only due to fears of infection but also because of poverty. Uganda’s poor are bearing the brunt of a nationwide shutdown declared by President Yoweri Museveni as part of efforts to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak. With our sponsored children normally getting their nutrition from school, no longer attending school means many children, and their families, will go hungry. We have begun providing dry goods (pasta, rice, beans, etc.) to families in need to help feed the most vulnerable. Will you support us in this effort? A donation of $50 will feed a family of 4 for up to a month. Or, you can use our online store to buy food for your sponsored child…


Preparing dry goods to deliver to those in need.


Loading food for delivery to 3 families.


Boda driver is loaded and ready to deliver food.


Joel, our first food recipient. Can you help us feed more?